Why Should I Care?

Each day I look upon the world and all the things that are going on. All the hate. All the racism. All the sexism. The climate change that is no longer some future event but is upon us. The destruction of the Earth for the consumption of humans.

As I look I wonder, “Why do I even care?”

My entire life is based on sacrifice for something that most people don’t even care about, life itself. I don’t drive a car. I think cars are loud annoyances that endlessly pollute the air that I breathe. I walk and ride my bike.

I don’t eat meat, mostly because I don’t care for eating meat. I also feel that the energy that comes from meat is bad energy because the beings whose lives were taken for the consumption of meat were treated so terribly.

I live a simple life. I don’t buy anything I don’t need. I have no desire for such things. I like to walk softly upon the Earth.

I also do these things for my own spiritual reasons. Truthfully, what I do is not a sacrifice but done out of love. Not perfectly by any means but my Goddess doesn’t require perfection as other God’s do. She simply asks for me to do what I do with love.

I can say that I am tired of hate, racism, sexism, and the destruction of the planet. To say this must mean that I am tired of life because these things are so prevalent in this human life.

I am older now. Why should I care? It doesn’t affect my life in any way. Why do I care that indigenous people around the world have been treated so terribly by white people? Why do I care that white people have murdered millions of people and enslaved others who are not of their color? Why do I care that women are treated as second rate beings around the world and even within my own country? Why do I care that people today are treated with such disregard and cast out to live without homes and dignity? I am a male and I am white, what difference is it to me?

Why do I care that people will continue consuming this Earth no matter what anyone does? That humanity is basically a self destructive being.

When I think of humanity being a self destructive being, I think of the “god’s and goddess’s” that created humans. There were five extinctions before humanity, all done by outside or natural forces. Maybe the deities were tired of monitoring the Earth so they created a being that will inherit then destroy themselves. It seems to be naturally programmed into humans to think only of themselves and ultimately destroy themselves. This would save the deities the work of having to clean up the Earth once it becomes overly populated. Humans would be an automatic extinction machine.

Why do I care? I really don’t know. It seems that I’ve been programmed differently than the rest of humanity. I love life. I love the Earth. There are many like me in the world but not enough to balance the world. Maybe this will change. I am not special. It is just who I am. I love my Goddess therefore I love Her creations, including myself.

So I continue on.



City Sunrise

Summer sunrise saturates
the golden landscape with light
City arteries fill
with metal corpuscles of various colors
Hustling and bustling to their places of purpose
Glass reflects light in random directions
Ravens supervise from high rooftops
Pigeons cautiously peck at seeds
and drink from puddles remaining
after the nocturnal water ballet
Worms drawn out by the moisture
move across the concrete
by waves of muscular constriction
in a slow yet desperate race
with the inevitable arrival
of the moisture draining heat
as well as the appetite of birds
darting and chirping from branch to ground
seeking life sustaining energy
before the Sun’s rising power
fully reigns and dominates the day
causing life to recede into the shadows
of the Mother’s loving embrace

Life Goes On

Whoosh, hiss, roar, honk, thump, squeak
Standing on the corner
Waiting to cross the street
Examining the clouds overhead
Mountains in the distance
Birds in the trees
Snake darting to the bushes
Wind on my face
Sun’s warmth on the skin
Thoughts in the mind
Feelings in the body

The light turns
Crossing the street
Cars lined
Idling impatiently
Engines churning and chugging
Exhaling fumes
Passing before their eyes
Silhouettes behind glass
Stepping up to the sidewalk
Looking behind
It begins again

Whoosh, hiss, roar, honk, thump, squeak
Walking upon the grass
Stepping over a snail in the shade
A robin feeds on a worm
Geese overhead in formation
Water flows beneath the trees
A cool breeze
Ducks swim about here and there
Blue sky with cotton ball clouds

Life goes on…

Waiting For The Rain

A poem to no one
Well, maybe myself
And those
Who might take notice
For one reason or another

The sun is hot
Walking is an effort
Dreaming comes easy
I imagine it is raining
Or at least cloudy

The wind is pleasant
Cooling, though it is warm
With eyes closed
Imagine I’m flying
To a cooler place

The shade is a delight
A generous gift of the trees
The grass is cool beneath the limbs
I lie down
Imagine I’m in a cool forest

The sun
Give and take
Life reaches out green
Then falls away brown
Waiting for the rain