A Time Of Change

Today, there are many changes happening. Many of these changes are important to all of our lives and other changes are not so important to everyone. In some instances, it seems that many changes are simply for the sake of change and really have no overall relevance.

I’ve been on this Earth long enough to experience many changes. To be honest, I don’t even recognize this current state of affairs of life in the US. It is not the same place where I grew up. This could be in part due to greater population. The population has grown immensely since I was growing up.

Today, many people focus on things that have no significance to me. Such as dress codes. I have no problem with how people want to dress. I do think that there is a place and time for certain types of dress. When a dress code policy is put into place at place of employment, it should be followed.

I don’t dress the same in my off time as I do at work. At work I abide by the dress code, which today are quite liberal in themselves relative to when I was in my 20s. Today I can wear jeans in good repair and just a collared shirt. Easy enough. In the past I had to wear a dress shirt, slacks and dress shoes. I didn’t mind it then, because it was just what I wore to work. When I was on my off time I could wear whatever I wanted.

This issue seems to be very important to young people today. They want to come to work in ripped jeans, tank top with bra straps hanging out. They like to wear leggings with nothing covering them, which pretty much shows us all their goods. They want to wear flips flops, tee shirts with slogans on them and, if they could get away with it, many would come dressed in sweatpants and even pajamas with slippers. This I can’t understand. Work is not home and these are things people would wear during times of leisure.

All the same, it is a continual complaint from young people. In a time of great change when women are seeking greater rights. When people of color are striving to be equal within the society and the fight against racism is going strong, here these young people are focused on breaking the dress codes at work and school. It comes up in nearly every meeting. I just shake my head when it comes up. These young people are continually pushing the boundaries every day. As if they wake up and think, “Maybe I can get away with this.” Why?, is my question. Just dress appropriately, make your money, go home and dress however you want.

They are constantly fighting dress codes at school. These dress codes are there to prepare students for real life. Of course, in this modern day, the young people are not prepared for real life based on their raising. They expect the world to revolve around them and their petty wants. If there is one thing I’ve learned in this life it is that I have had to pick my battles. Put effort into those things that have actual importance and affect the lives of people in more profound ways. Dress code is not one of those things. In fact, it doesn’t even make the top 1000 of my list.

In some ways, I just think to myself, “I’m on my way out and it is their world now. If makeup, eyelashes, fingernail polish, wearing expensive clothes that look like what a homeless person would be wearing is what they want to focus on, then so be it.

Like another manager said to me on the subject, “I can’t help but ask, ‘When you woke up this morning, what inclined you to think that what you are wearing is appropriate in general, let alone to come to work wearing.’ Then all I can is point it out, send them home to change. They dress appropriately for about three or four weeks then they go back to what they were wearing before.”

I myself have no idea what the youth of today are really striving for in this life but hopefully it leads to something. In this great time of change. They could be striving to make the world a better, greener and more open place. Many seem to be doing this. I can’t say that fighting a dress code will lead to anything significant. Maybe it is an expression of just how vain the US has become.



Being Human

Each day I wake to an even stranger world. One would think that as we age we would feel more at home in this strange place, for me it is quite the opposite.

I walk on this planet, feeling the connection to all living things but constantly come across the one contradiction within it all, humanity. I can understand the animals, insects, the trees etc and why they are here. As for humans, even being one myself, I just can’t see any good that comes from them. They take and take, destroy and destroy, even what they build is nothing but destruction of nature.

They see themselves as something special on this planet. Believing they are able to dominate the Earth and all Her creatures. That is, until nature shows the humans that they are nothing more than a nuisance upon the back of the Earth. Like a plague of fleas upon a child’s head.

Humans are one of the most insecure species on the planet. They have to be the best at everything. They are constantly having to deal with shame and guilt because it is what causes them to act. How they act based on these conditions is unpredictable. They might do as the other humans expect them to do or, they might rebel and go even further away from the human interpretation of reality, often causing humans even greater distress.

Humans like to feel in control. They like to believe that they are able to predict the outcomes of their interactions with other humans and even the universe. They are terribly afraid, even though they hide it behind false masks of confidence. They want to believe they are strong but they are actually very fragile. They simply can’t accept their place in the universe. Because of this it causes them much distress. Within them they know who they are but they are told to repress who they are and live for what others believe to be reality.

They are terribly afraid of death. They don’t even like to speak about it. Yet death is all around them every day, they choose to not see it. When they are forced to experience death, it is such an ordeal for them. One death of a loved one can affect them the rest of their lives. This seems strange being that death is a very common thing within the physical realm of life. If a person feels they have nothing in common with anyone else, they do have death in common with every being within this realm. It is the one thing that they all will experience for themselves one day.

Humans are such strange creatures. Both animal and something foreign to this planet. They belong on Earth yet they don’t belong on Earth. In most cases, they choose to live for the foreign part of themselves and try ever so hard to not believe that they are animals, as if it is something to be ashamed of.

There are some humans who are connected to the nature and understand they animals as well as this other side of which can’t fully be defined other than something that causes them to attack nature and the Earth. These other people seem to repress the foreign aspect of themselves and live more through their animal which connects them to all of the other life on this Earth.

Here lies much of the conflict between humans. Between those who repress their animal side and those who embrace their animal side. Those who repress their animal side feel very insecure around those who embrace their animal side and even tried to kill them all in a mass genocide.

Very strange indeed, these humans.

To be continued…that is, if humans survive themselves another day.

The True Tragedy

Does it always have to take a tragedy for Americans to come together and unite? Are Americans really that vain?

Americans came together for a couple of years after 9/11, then they resumed going at each other’s throats. What’s interesting is Hurricane Katrina. This hurricane did bring some people together but they were given the shaft by the society as a whole. The society did this also with Hurricane Sandy, when the politicians of the society decided to neglect the victims.

Personally, I look at the American society as being two general parts. There are the politicians and then there are the people. The people are manipulated into believing the politicians are voted in for their best interests. Then, when the politicians are in office, they neglect the people and the people just take it, believing that the politicians really do have their best interests in mind but the quagmire of Washington prevents them from being able to take care of the best interests of the people.

When will Americans stop believing in politicians? They are not gods. They do not deserve the worship of anything, yet people treat them as people to be respected, even when the same politicians make their lives more and more difficult to live.

What if the people were to realize the true tragedy? The tragedy of US politics. Realize that the US political system is completely corrupt. There is not good in it at all. The take the tax money of the people, leaving many of them with little more than enough to survive, while catering to the rich, giving the loopholes and ways to work around the system.

It is sad that in the US the wealthy get to save money and fees while the poor are charged triple the amounts that the wealthy people are charged for the same items. This would show that the corruption goes far beyond just the politics of the US, it has infected the very people and their relationships with others.

When will the people start to see themselves as they should, in the life together. Work together for their own best interests and stop believing that leaders will do it for them. Throughout history, the white Europeans have shown it has little regard for other races. It has also shown that they have little regard for their own people.

If one doesn’t have then they are disregarded. They are seen as idiots. To have compassion and to care for others is seen as weak. Those who do are paid very little while those who don’t care control most of the wealth. They believe that people should be taken advantage of, for the best interest of the individual who is manipulating other people for their personal benefit. Because others are manipulated causes them to declare they are stupid and they believe that stupid people are there for them to take advantage and use. Other than that, they believe that stupid people can die, believe that their will be more stupid people to take their place. “There’s a sucker born every minute.”

This is the true tragedy and the depths of the tragedy is that the people who are being used continue to allow this to happen to them, even when they are the majority. The actually defend the people who are using them. They even work for these people who are taking advantage of them and help these people to take advantage of the other people while they are being paid a wage that gives them just enough to survive.

This the true tragedy. A should bring us all together for the best interest of all, not just a few.


To Look In The Mirror

I sit outside forced to listen to a car alarm honking over and over again, seemingly never ending. When the horn finally stops honking, I hear the roar of the air conditioners. In the distance there are cars rumbling down the highway. One after another after another, 24 hours a day the cars speed by going to many places for many different reasons.

I see on the TV people selling things, tempting people to buy their products. Walking I see stores on every corner, parking lots filled, people walking in with nothing, others walking out with bags filled with things. Cars pass constantly while sidewalks remain empty. The bike lanes are also empty except for parked cars.

This is a normal day of within the human perspective of life. Working, buying and selling is what they live to do each day, never thinking of where the things they buy are coming from. Never thinking of how they are affecting the whole of life. Focuses only on their own individual wants and needs. Living for today without much concern of the future consequences of their actions.

They complain of the consequences currently occurring, without any thought that they are the cause. They complain about the insects as their populations increase, not thinking of the bats who have been dying off because of foreign diseases imported on the ships from other countries importing the cheap goods that they buy.

They complain about the wolves who, at times, might predate their cattle. To the humans it is a loss of money. To nature it is balance. The humans seek to kill the wolves because they are a nuisance to their limited human perspective. Not thinking about how wolves balance the very nature of their existence.

They complain about humans killing other humans. They point out the past and the madmen who once attained power, killing off all those who might affect their power. Racially discriminating against people who are different from them. Never remembering how their very ancestors slaughtered many millions of people, the indigenous peoples of the countries they invaded. Those they didn’t slaughter they enslaved to do their dirty work. Now they complain that about the survivors of their attempted genocide because those people again want their rights to live.

The human condition is such a strange experience. Watching humans, within a brief period of time called a “life” impose themselves upon other lives in a competitive dominance striving toward something. A something that resembles their own destruction. A species programmed to consume and destroy life in order for them to live their lives, even destroying other humans in order to attain the immediate gratification they desire.

One can only think, “When will stop complaining about the very things they put into action because of their blind desires and look in the mirror realizing they are the cause of their dissatisfaction.


My Outrage

Recently I’ve see and hear the phrase, “If you’re not outraged then you’re not paying attention.” I’ve seen the outrage and even rage of many “minority” people who are very upset about what is happening in the US today. I feel their outrage and agree with much that they have to say.

After the terrible violence and hate in Charlottesville, I was in shock. I had thoughts and feelings but no actual words to express how I felt. It has taken a week for me to actually get to the point of being able to express my feelings. Throughout the week, listening to and reading the tweets of 45 and his insanity. I myself, a white male, cannot call him “president.” He is not my president. I didn’t vote for him and I have absolutely no respect for him. There have been several presidents within my lifetime and some I didn’t agree with all their policies but I still respected them. I would never say what I am about to say in my outrage to any previous president on my lifetime, Fuck you, Trump.

To see the hate and division in the US now brings to mind that we are probably playing right into the hands of Putin, and a possible hidden agenda of 45 and his, possibly not insanity but intentionally dividing the country out of his loyalty to Putin. Putin is probably enjoying the sight and sounds of the US being torn apart.

As for where I stand and what outrages me.

I am outraged by feelings of hate toward any being, whether human or not. Yet, I heard myself say something contradictory to this statement. I heard myself say that I “hate” the white supremacists, nationalists, Nazis, racists, sexists. Okay, these are most of the words that everyone says is appropriate to describing these people. “Fuck you white plague bastards who think they are better than everyone else.” That sounds more like me.

I am outraged when I hear that women are treated without respect and their healthcare is determined by others, usually white men. For some reason I get crazy outraged when I hear of people calling breastfeeding in public lewd and obscene. Fuck you, people and your supposed “moral values.” It’s fucking natural you assholes.

I am outraged that racism still exists. I am so tired of humans dividing themselves by the color of their skin. I hate that I have to say things like, “I know some great black people.” or, “I know some great Latin people.” I won’t say it because they are people to me and I care about them as I would care about any other people who are worthy of my caring about them. I don’t care about the fucking white plague that ingests the world seeking complete domination over all other people that they declare as inferior.

As time goes I still have difficulty with declaring myself a human. Humans can do such beautiful things but they are also the most destructive being on the face to this planet. It is so strange to me that the only things that can stop the destructive humans are other humans. I feel such outrage at humans who think they are superior to nature and the Earth and all the beautiful beings upon this planet.

This is the beginning of my outrage, which may increase if I see more humans doing terrible things to other humans and all beings on this planet. I can no longer sit passively because this only causes me to feel helpless. It is time for me to stand up and say FUCK YOU!!!!, to what outrages me.

I might hate many of the people who are seeking greater division of the US and the world but I will not succumb to violence but, I won’t scold those who do come to violence while standing up against the white plague who think they are superior to other beings.


Why Should I Care?

Each day I look upon the world and all the things that are going on. All the hate. All the racism. All the sexism. The climate change that is no longer some future event but is upon us. The destruction of the Earth for the consumption of humans.

As I look I wonder, “Why do I even care?”

My entire life is based on sacrifice for something that most people don’t even care about, life itself. I don’t drive a car. I think cars are loud annoyances that endlessly pollute the air that I breathe. I walk and ride my bike.

I don’t eat meat, mostly because I don’t care for eating meat. I also feel that the energy that comes from meat is bad energy because the beings whose lives were taken for the consumption of meat were treated so terribly.

I live a simple life. I don’t buy anything I don’t need. I have no desire for such things. I like to walk softly upon the Earth.

I also do these things for my own spiritual reasons. Truthfully, what I do is not a sacrifice but done out of love. Not perfectly by any means but my Goddess doesn’t require perfection as other God’s do. She simply asks for me to do what I do with love.

I can say that I am tired of hate, racism, sexism, and the destruction of the planet. To say this must mean that I am tired of life because these things are so prevalent in this human life.

I am older now. Why should I care? It doesn’t affect my life in any way. Why do I care that indigenous people around the world have been treated so terribly by white people? Why do I care that white people have murdered millions of people and enslaved others who are not of their color? Why do I care that women are treated as second rate beings around the world and even within my own country? Why do I care that people today are treated with such disregard and cast out to live without homes and dignity? I am a male and I am white, what difference is it to me?

Why do I care that people will continue consuming this Earth no matter what anyone does? That humanity is basically a self destructive being.

When I think of humanity being a self destructive being, I think of the “god’s and goddess’s” that created humans. There were five extinctions before humanity, all done by outside or natural forces. Maybe the deities were tired of monitoring the Earth so they created a being that will inherit then destroy themselves. It seems to be naturally programmed into humans to think only of themselves and ultimately destroy themselves. This would save the deities the work of having to clean up the Earth once it becomes overly populated. Humans would be an automatic extinction machine.

Why do I care? I really don’t know. It seems that I’ve been programmed differently than the rest of humanity. I love life. I love the Earth. There are many like me in the world but not enough to balance the world. Maybe this will change. I am not special. It is just who I am. I love my Goddess therefore I love Her creations, including myself.

So I continue on.


Tunnel Vision

The swirling, whirling world of human productivity
Captivated by their endeavors, like deer in headlights
A lifeform of trillions who’ve made their appearance here
Consuming and exhausting the Earth, Her resources
Discarding their waste anyplace but within their cages
Out of sight out of mind, this is their mantra

Going here and there
Doing this and that
Being and seeking to be
Achieving and believing
Striving and competing
They go on and on about their business
While reefs die
Glaciers melt
Soils become parched
Plastics wash up on shores
Air becomes toxic
Oceans acidity increases
Temperatures rise
Beings go extinct because they can’t keep up
Yet, they believe they are in the right
Nothing can stop them
Like deer in headlights, they stand firm in their ways
Accomplishing their goals (they place great importance on goals)

When will it end?
When they’ve accomplished their goal
The consumption of the Earth and all Her resources


Natural or Man-made

Chaos looms politically

Flowers bloom beautifully

Protests and unrest

Clouds flow freely overhead

Healthcare crisis

Butterfly flutters carefree

Bombs explode

Deer graze in a meadow

Stress and anxiety

Grass dancing in the breeze

Violence and hate

Moon softly illuminates the landscape

Threats of war

Waves fall upon the shore

Control and containment

Stars fill the firmament

The latest fashion

Love and compassion