Living Water

They are out to change the world
Into an image of their liking
Just as those in the past did
Making the world into their image
Change for the sake of change

People want change
Bored with the same
When change becomes the same
They will want more change
Never satisfied
They hunger for anything
Like ravenous wolves
Insatiable appetites
A thirst that never quenches
Always seeking life
Never filled with life
Looking for something to satify
To quench
The pain inside
While hiding behind facades
Resisting the water that ever quenches
Ever fills
Living water
Because it is not popular
Because it will not bring wealth
Because it will not bring status
Because they believe the lie
Exchanging love
True love
For momentary, instant gratification
Ever hungering for more
Moment by moment
Filled then emptied
With an illusion
A virtual world
That satifies the eyes
But never the heart



Where Is Love?

Within the stuggle of life
There is love
Within the pain and suffering
There is love
Within the joy and happiness
There is love
Within us all
There is love
Within all of us together
There is love
Within all of life
There is love

Seemingly elusive is love
It is within all things
Yet cannot be seen
It is within all our actions
Yet often goes unnoticed
While wandering aimlessly
Longing for love
Seeking to find
A sense of completion
While already complete
Living in pain and suffering
Longing and despair
While love permeates everything
Endlessly supplying
Ever there to be received