A Lesson

We see many things
Experience many things

Like a journey into the unknown
Alone in a desert
Or floating through space
Passing through each day
Striving for control
Of a future unknown
Spinning round and round
Desperately grasping
For any solid ground/stability

In the end
Is it all to simply
Come to trust the one
Who created it all?
A lesson in eternity
Through humility


A Passing Day

The days pass strangely
Filled with people complaining
Listening to their pains and woes
Unable to do anything to change things

Inside I have my own complaints
At times wishing I was stronger
More perserverent
Looking back briefly
At the past paths
Seeing great strength
Enduring the madness


Days like today stand out
When everything seems to go wrong
Still the people sing their complaints
I want to scream, but don’t
A shaking, shuddering inside
Holding on
To the only stability I’ve ever known
Deep within and all around
I cry, “Why have you forsaken me?”
Then smile
Realizing it is all a gift
For if the world accepted me
If my days passed uneventful
Without challenge and trial
I would not come to know the true me
Here within all the lies and deception
Brought forth from a corrupt world
The foundation of all the complaints

Living Memory

Passing through the years
The decades
Each at different stages
Some finishing up
Others starting out
Many in the middle
Making sense of it all
In their own way
Striving to be…

Within the human motion
Some seek to be noticed
Others prefer not to be seen
Many simply living
The drama unfolding
Moment after moment
Joining into a lifetime
Year after year
Changing perspective
From youthful idealism
To latter cynicism
Throughout it all
Life remains the same
Cyclical expression
While we change to fit the reality
Of what we have come to believe
Life to be
In the end
We realize
It is all merely a memory