Our True Nature

There are a variety of perspectives as to this life and our purpose here. The disparity of perspectives is seemingly very complex and can lead to intense debates and even wars.

From my view I can see only two sides. Within those two sides there are many varying concepts that come from the original concept.

On one side there is a lone masculine deity who has sent out his followers to dominated the Earth and all of life. One other side there are many gods and goddesses, each creating, nurturing, managing and interacting with life. These many gods and goddesses all join into one god and goddess, being they are all various expression of the great Mother and the Father of all life, equal in all their creations.

The conflict between these two views began long ago, when a concept invaded the world like a virus, killing all who would not accept it. The concept of a sole masculine deity who rules all and commands his subjects to dominate and destroy all that he discerns as evil.

These followers corrupted the world with this view. Infesting all the corners of the Earth. Seeking to dominate and control our Mother, the Mother of all creation. From this there began a view of life where men were dominant and women were submissive to the man.

Now we are in a time when the views of old are returning and threatening this masculine deity of dominance and the terrible empire he has created. Because of this conflicts are arising all over the world. From within the home to governments and politics between nations. The battle is about one thing, the release of the Feminine (Earth) from the bondage imposed upon Her by the masculine deity of dominance.

One thing that can’t go unnoticed is how these pagan or new/old spiritual concepts are mainly being expressed and lived by women. There are many men who freely accept this view. They are usually men who also understand their own feminine to varying degrees.

Though it may not always look like it on the outside, this battle that is waging in all corners of this Earth at this time is a battle between the masculine and the feminine. There may be 1000s of differing troubles and injustices in the world but they all stem from one thing, the desire to dominate and control rather than creating, nurturing, allowing and returning.

A simple definition of our purpose and spiritual nature is to create, nurture our creations, allow our creations to express themselves and then we return to Source or Mother. There is no way this can be changed, no matter how much some might want to do so. Even the most powerful human will can’t defy the our true nature and the true cycle of life. It can only cause disruption and despair within our true nature. When living our true nature it is not an emulation of our God and Goddess. It is them. We are them.

The main conflict in the world is within ourselves and the ideas that we have chosen to live. Ideas are not life, they neither create nor do they express anything but a concept. They express an alternate reality that is nothing but a deception. The original lie.

Throughout history the followers of the masculine deity of dominance have been systematically eliminating our true nature by burning and killing those who would not accept and submit to it and it’s ways of destruction.

If there is evil, is this not the pure evil? The true original sin (lie). The destroyer of our original innocence and the corrupter of our true virtue.

If we resist evil then it will only continue to persist. An “eye for an eye” will not end this conflict. This is why love is so prominently expressed and spoken of by the feminine. Mother Earth continues to love, create and nurture even though She is hated.

As hard as it might seem to believe, only by returning to our true nature (love) within us will the destruction end and the original “Eden” be reborn.